NadiaGirl Product History: The Leggings

NadiaGirl Product History: The Leggings

The story of how our leggings came to be, is the story of how NadiaGirl came to be! The journey began in 2017, when my daughter, Aidan, was 9 and about to start 4th grade. It was time to go shopping for back-to-school clothes - it was going to be a challenging day. 

I have to rewind a few years to explain how I knew that. Since Aidan was old enough to have an opinion on what she wore, finding clothing she liked was a struggle. She was very sensitive to how her clothes felt against her body and on her skin. At first, it was socks and how they felt in her shoes. Then it shifted to long pants, which she avoided whenever possible and instead would wear skirts. And definitely NO JEANS! Shirts also became a challenge - she didn’t want anything where the neckline was too low or felt stretched out. Needless to say, we had our challenges with clothes. So I knew I was going to have to muster up all the patience I had to survive back-to-school shopping for her 4th grade year.

We went to a few different stores, all larger chains, because the options for girls size 7-14 are limited. Aidan wanted leggings because they aren’t jeans and they are popular. So we proceeded to try on several different styles from various brands. Everything she tried on she hated. Mostly due to the fit and fabric. The leggings would be baggy around the knees, or the rise would be too long or too short, or there would be a lot of whiskering. She would pull and tug on them, frustrated, but wanting them to work. Then one of two things would happen, we’d either leave the store empty-handed, or she would convince herself she liked a pair and promised she would wear them. So I would buy them, relieved that she had some pants! But inevitably, the leggings would end up sitting in her drawer for weeks, unworn. I suppose after the initial excitement of new clothes faded away, she was stuck with the reality that she really didn’t like how they fit. This would turn into many meltdowns and frustration about having nothing to wear and not feeling good in her clothes. And I would be frustrated that I spent money on something she wouldn’t wear.

It was hard to see her feel so terrible about her clothes and herself. I began thinking, why is this so difficult?? It shouldn’t be this hard to find. I had several pairs of leggings I really loved, they fit great and were high-quality. So why did I have so many options, but my daughter had so few? I began researching what was available for women and what was lacking for girls. I felt inspired and compelled to do something about it. If it meant I had to learn to sew and make something myself that Aidan would feel good in, I was determined to do it. I also began learning more about self-esteem in tween girls and that girls as young as 9 can start feeling bad about themselves and their bodies. I had witnessed this first hand and believed I could do something to make a difference. 

So the journey of building NadiaGirl (Nadia is Aidan spelled backwards) began. And leggings were my first order of business. I researched different types of fabrics, styles and cuts. Sustainability was an important component as well and I wanted to do everything I could to use eco-friendly materials. There were several iterations in order to find the best fabric and fit and limit any sagging or whiskering. My daughter was the fit model. What we ended up with is a fabric that I found from a textile manufacturer in Los Angeles. It’s a soft, cotton-modal blend french terry. It has a good amount of stretch, but still keeps its shape. The leggings fit snug so they don’t sag, but with the ability to move around in no matter the activity. They have a mid-rise and a comfortable waistband with no tags on the inside. I also wanted to limit the number of seams and used flat-lock seams that lay flat against the skin. All of these little details are what make NadiaGirl leggings so special! 

At NadiaGirl, we believe in making high-quality, sustainable clothing for girls that helps them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. I’ve seen first-hand how having the right clothes can really help empower our girls. We believe in our mission and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your daughters and help them feel their best.❤️

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