NadiaGirl is about the girl you are now—and the woman you’re becoming. 

We are a tween girl clothing brand. We aim to empower young women by honoring their truest selves. Made to fit well, move well, and most of all, do well for the girls wearing them. We believe in making clothes that are comfortable on your skin, so you can be comfortable in yours. 

 Whenever I was shopping for my daughter, we were constantly faced with limited clothing choices that were age-appropriate. With few tween brands out there, it meant settling for kiddie, poor quality and ill-fitting clothing. At a time when my daughter’s confidence was being challenged by her constantly changing body, she would become even more discouraged when looking for clothes. I quickly learned that my daughter wasn’t alone, according to studies, girls as young as 9 often begin feeling insecure about themselves and their bodies. Poor-fitting clothing can make them feel even more self-conscious, insecure, and uncomfortable in their skin. 

“If you are a mother of a daughter at, or nearing this age, you know what I mean.” — Briana Beazley , Founder


Our designs are the perfect canvas for self-expression, helping you feel and look your best while still being totally you. Made in the USA with soft, eco-friendly fabrics, NadiaGirl also gives back with every sale. Because it’s your world, and we want to keep it that way.