The Importance of Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

The Importance of Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Startups are an important piece of the health of our economy. They generate new jobs, boost productivity, and create new markets. And women-owned businesses are on the rise, with an increase of 21% of new businesses being founded by women. But the statistics around the gender gap for funding their businesses is staggering to see. 

Women own 34% of businesses in the US, but only receive 5% of venture funds for their startups. Funding for startups is needed to help get their businesses off the ground. This disparity has a huge impact on the economy and the number of jobs and revenue that could be added with more financial support. 

So knowing that women-owned businesses are driving economic growth in the US, means that closing the gap benefits everyone. In order to better support women requires changes in policies, business practices and attitudes. Everything from better access to childcare to training and an equal share of capital can all help. 

If you are wondering what you can do right now to make a difference – become a funder for a women-owned business. IFundWomen has some amazing women who could use your support. And our campaign for NadiaGirl is currently raising funds as well! So if you're interested in supporting us, click here.

Thank you for taking a step to support women entrepreneurs!❤️